We are a young design company established in the south of France.

We share the same idea that the uniqueness of every individual is a fundamental asset that needs to be preserved. The user is therefore placed at the center of attention when imagining, conceiving and developing our products and services.

« UNIQ – Design for unique people »

Above our in-house resources, we work closely with partners who share the same values:

  • Creativity
  • Proximity
  • Reliability

Moreover, we design and produce our products within the European Union.

Uniq Europe

History & Evolution

Our story started from the observation that many makeup users were unsatisfied with their makeup storage.

Having a considerable know-how in conception and manufacturing display for cosmetic industrial processes, Benoît, the founder, boosts the project and associate expertise with competences in order to satisfy those women wishing to organize and store their beauty space with due regard for their diversity.

Uniq - Expertise

The uniqueness of every woman and every situation led us to imagine and conceive “Uniq Organizer”, the first modular makeup organizer, enabling the user to store and organize her beauty space according to her wishes and to change it according to her desires.

For its making process, we coordinate the different operations in specialized production plants, all located in Europe.

Quality & Service

By registering our models and signing the products of our band “Uniq My Makeup Organizer”, we guarantee to our users the uniqueness and specificity of their product as well as the care given during the manufacturing process.

By offering the possibility of making up your most suitable makeup organizer directly online on our website www.uniqorganizer.com, we are willing to provide a service that is innovative while maintaining close ties with the proximity of our clients.

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UNIQ My Makeup Organizer